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We are a design firm, small, but dedicated to our clients.

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Why Work With Us

We are the oblivious few...
Well, aren't we all? Everyone is oblivious to something. We don't know what everyone else is doing, but we know what we're doing. Remember our motto... 'like the blind leading the blind...'

We are artists, video editors, graphic designers, and generally just here to produce whatever design work you need.

What do you want?
Look, to be honest, if you want to be overcharged to get a logo or print piece done, that looks just like every other piece of trash worthy advertising out there then please go to one of the larger design firms. I'm sure you can find a few listed in your phone book, if you need assistance I can give you some names and numbers. If you're cheap and want an amazing logo designed for you 'band' or 'company' for $25... well I bet you neighbor down the street has a teenager that's pretty good with a computer and printer.

We on the other hand have the experience to design you something of high quality, but we are not a big design firm and we do not intend to charge like one. If you get offended by our price quote for a job, please by all means compare it with one of those design firms out there. I think you'll be suprised what a 'firm' will charge for a simple piece.

So if you think you'd like some quality artists and designers to help you with your latest project then by all means contact us and let us know what we can do for you!


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Suppose then that such rings were produced in a medium without friction as the ether is believed to be, they would be permanent structures with a variety of properties.

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If the ether be the boundless substance described, it is clear it can have no form as a whole, and if it be continuous it can have no minute structure. If not constituted of atoms or molecules there is nothing descriptive that can be said about it.

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A molecule or a particular mass of matter could be identified by its form, and is thus in marked contrast with any portion of ether, for the latter could not be identified in a similar way. One may therefore say that the ether is formless.

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One might infer already that if the ether were structureless, physical laws operative upon such material substances as atoms could not be applicable to it, and so indeed all the evidence we have shows that gravitation is not one of its properties.

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